This is your space. A sanctuary from the outside world. A place to get away from it all or gathered together with only those you choose to allow in. Or maybe it’s a place of business, the tool in which you earn a living and provide for your family. Whatever the circumstances, this garage means something important and it’s worth protecting.

Garage Force wants to ensure your garage remains a sacred space. And if you don’t think the floor of your garage is a critical element, no worries. We’ve laid out exactly how proper concrete coating most benefits you and your garage in the long run!

  1. Protection

Let’s face it, no matter how much you love your garage and treat it right, it’s going to take a beating. And which part takes the brunt of that abuse? You guessed it: the floor. Whether it’s repeated in-and-out traffic or the spill, drops or any other number of incidents, your concrete catches it all.

Concrete coating provides an additional, stronger layer to your floor to shield it from all types of physical hazards such as stains, chips or abrasions.

  1. Durability

This is where concrete coating really carries its weight! Coatings are easy to maintain and seal to the concrete, preventing dirt, debris and everything else from penetrating the surface. Proper concrete coating is also water and heat resistant, which concrete certainly is not.

Oil, gas and any number of other common liquids in a garage are turned away by a completely impenetrable concrete coating, guaranteeing your garage’s floor is here to stay in pristine condition for years and years to come.

  1. Easy Clean-Up

A garage floor is going to get dirty. If it isn’t, you’re not doing it right. Due to a concrete coating’s protective qualities and durability, cleaning up will never be easier. Liquids are repelled from penetration as are dirt and debris, leaving a quick sweep (or mop if you really love your garage) at the end of the day.

Save that time and instead get a little more work done on your car — or just shoot the breeze with your buddies instead!

  1. Appearance

Perhaps not the most practical benefit — but certainly one you can truly enjoy daily — is the look of a concrete coating. With a variety of options from clean, solid colors to unique and vibrant systems, your garage can have a personality of its own thanks to the floor!

  1. Cost Efficient

We finish with the big one — your pocket. Paying to install concrete coating is a sound investment in the big picture when you combine the cost of cleaning, repairs or constant re-application of lesser concrete coating.

Think of it this way. Concrete is expensive. Like crazy pricey. On average, you’ll pay between $4 to $8 per square foot to install concrete. An average one-car garage is 228 square feet. At an average of $6.17 per square foot, you’re looking at $1,777 to place new concrete. And that’s for a relatively small garage floor space!

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Don’t let the floor of your garage walk all over you. Combining the advantages of cost efficiency, simplifying maintenance as well as an utterly fantastic look to be the envy of all garage owners, there’s no adequate reason to go without concrete coating on your garage floor.

At Garage Force, we provide the absolute best concrete coating material and systems with experienced installation at an incredible value. Contact us today to seal your garage’s future!