The Colorful World of Polyurea Concrete Coatings

When it comes to your garage and the concrete flooring, it doesn’t have to be completely about protection. Sure, a great concrete coating you get from us here at Garage Force Mountain View in Erie will provide your garage floor unrivaled protection, but it can also look terrific and suit your style and tastes!

Our selection of polyurea coatings come in many different systems, so you can select the concrete finish that fits your look and vision for the ideal garage or shop floor. Maybe the decorative element of a concrete finish isn’t your top concern, but hey, it’s a pretty nice bonus to go with the best concrete protection in the business!

But how do you decide which concrete coating color or style is the best fit for your garage or shop? Really, it’s entirely a personal preference, however, we’ll take a closer look at some ways to make the best decision for your garage or shop today!

Take Pride in Your Garage

We’re assuming it’s a pretty safe bet you take a lot of pride in your cars. Probably your tools and other toys as well — and you should! But why not take as much pride in the overall look of your garage or shop, too? An awesome-looking garage encourages you and others to spend time in the space. So when you’re picking a concrete finish, consider how it will fit with your cars or the appearance you want to present in your garage. We guarantee you, a beautiful car will look so much better on a gorgeous on a brand new full-chip system concrete coating!

Picking the System & Color

Are you starting your garage makeover from scratch or do you already have a pretty established theme or look to the space? This is a good place to start when deciding how to select the best concrete finish system and color. Is a solid color more your style or would you prefer something a little shinier? Let’s take a look at some systems and colors available from our concrete finishes.

  • Full-Chip System: Also called “decorative chip,” this system is our most popular choice concrete finish. The two-layer concrete coating is easy to install and has a glossy finish with several different styles of colors and withstands essentially everything!
  • Medici System: This concrete coating has a variety of decorative concrete finishes that outlast any other acrylic or acid system out there. Medici is available in a wide selection of colors and even work great in your home, studio, showrooms or patios!
  • Metallic System: This pearlescent concrete coating system is durable and uses metallic powder tints for a flowing, metallic appearance. We offer nine different colors, all of which would look amazing in your garage or shop!
  • Solid System: If a classic look is more your style, the solid system is a terrific choice! We have rich, vibrant color options and goes on in a single coat and in less than a day. There’s a color for any space, inside or out!
  • Quartz System: An excellent concrete coating for outdoor spaces, the quartz system is extremely abrasion resistant and has a rough texture for supreme OSHA anti-slip compliance. This is a great choice for auto shops and there are still plenty of colors to choose from!

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