Concrete Flooring is Just the Beginning

Running an auto repair shop in Colorado can be busy and stressful, making it difficult to come up with ways to maximize efficiency. Long hours and day-to-day demands stretch your time thin, but there are simple ways in which to improve your auto shop and protect your business interests.

Here at Garage Force Mountain View, we know that you’ve made quite the investment in your auto shop, from equipment to staff, but it can be easy to forget about your garage floor! A great garage floor finish not only protects the investment you’ve made in the most important piece of your auto shop, but a concrete coating can help maximize efficiency as well! Here are a few things we suggest you implement in addition to a concrete coating to make your auto shop run at a top-notch level.

1. Communicate

This is always important in any business or walk of life. Regularly talking with your technicians and staff increases productivity because everybody is on the same page. There are fewer delays, confusions and re-dos as a result!

2. Make Productivity Lists

Keeping track of what everybody is doing is very helpful, especially as your auto shop grows and expands. This expedites communication as well, as each staff member knows what repairs need to be done and when.

3. Embrace Technology

Computers have made everything so much smoother and more efficient, so embrace the technology available at your fingertips. Updating your software can make significant gains in productivity and efficiency.

4. Protect Your Investment

By far, the biggest piece of your auto shop is the floor and properly protecting the surface with a garage floor finish saves you tons of money over the long term. Applying a great concrete protector, like the polyurea concrete coating we use, ensures your garage floor lasts, so you don’t have to waste money on difficult cleaning, repairs or replacement.

5. Deadline Setting

This is important for employees and yourself. Setting deadlines helps keep everybody on task and on schedule. They don’t always have to be set in stone, but creating time limits ensures repairs are done efficiently and within reasonable time frames.

6. Strong Hires

Obviously, the better staff you hire, the most self-sufficient they are and so your auto shop overall maximizes its efficiency. Check references and don’t settle for the first person you interview.

7. Proper Training

Creating strong employees is done through proper training, which guarantees consistency and quality, both of which are cornerstones to efficiency at your auto shop. You need employees you can trust to know what they’re doing.

8. Better Planning

Plans make everything smoother. They can be altered as needed, but at least forming an outline of what needs to be done and a schedule for doing them increases communication, expectations and efficiency.

9. Take Breaks

While it seems hard or counterintuitive to take breaks when your auto shop is so busy, it actually helps everybody in the end. Working continuously creates stress and stress leads to unhappy employees, mistakes and decreased efficiency. Taking 10 or 15 minutes now can save so much more time down the road.

10. Delegate Responsibility

You can’t do everything yourself. Nor should you want to. Be smart about delegating responsibilities to staff members you trust can handle the responsibility you give them. More people at your auto shop will feel empowered and each individual can focus on their specific jobs.

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