In all honesty, garages tend to spill over into one of two categories: a messy, sloppy graveyard of odds and ends with no coordination or purpose, or a pristine palace of organization where everything has its place. We would all love our garage to fall into the second barrel.

Unfortunately, not all garages have that diligent attention to detail. However, that doesn’t mean your garage can’t be that awesome place where you enjoy spending your time. In fact, improving the look of your garage can both help make it an inviting space for you, your friends and your family as well as creating designated space for some of your favorite hobbies.

So for all of you out there aspiring to make your garage the envy of every guy on the block, we here at Garage Force write this blog for you! A garage floor coating is a fantastic place to start, but it’s far from the end, so let’s dive into a few simple ways to improve the look of your garage.

  1. Garage Floor Coating

We, of course, must start with our specialty. The flooring of your garage is far and away the biggest component of the entire space, so why would you leave it as an unprotected, barren gray slab of freezing coldness?!

A garage floor coating will offer you space both the advantages of added protection and durability with the aesthetically-pleasing look you desire to really bring the entire garage together!

  1. Wall Storage

Beyond the floor, the walls are another huge component of your garage space and ones that shouldn’t go underutilized. Developing a sound organizational system with various hooks and shelves keeps storage orderly and neat.

Store yard tools on the wall with racks and hooks, hang your extension cords and shop lights up and slide all your various bins up on shelves to keep them off the floor. All of a sudden, you have plenty of room to work on your car or build some awesome things for the rest of your home!

  1. Ceiling Storage

Don’t forget to look up! There is often plenty of vertical space in your garage to play with, so don’t let it go unused either. This is something you can easily do yourself with a few materials at your local hardware store or could have professionally installed.

However you choose to implement and ceiling storage system, the basic idea is allowing for containers or other larger items like storage units for your car to hang above everything else, freeing up wall and floor space for other, possibly more fun things!

  1. Folding Bench

This could be a fun DIY project and uses the same idea as wall storage. Find a place that would be nice to have a workbench, but without taking up that amount of space permanently, by building a foldable bench.

This bench can store tools when not in use, then fold down the door of the tool area and install removable legs to then create a bench space for whatever work or hobbies you have. Then put it all back up when you’re done!

  1. Zonal Organization

Think of your garage space in a holistic sense. What spaces make the most sense for what storage or possible activities you’d like them to be for? Maybe yard tools go in one area, car tool and materials in another and a designated area for projects.

This organization makes it easy to add or remove items as you see fit and just maybe allow for your car to finally fit in the garage, you know, where it’s intended to go!

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