A garage is a desirable home feature, so much so that 84% of homes built in 2019 came with one. Most of these garages come with concrete floors, but is this the best choice for an area that gets so much use?

Concrete can get damaged by water and the temperature changes that happen in a garage. It is also not the most attractive flooring type on the market.

You don’t have to be stuck with subpar concrete floors. Garage floor coatings can add both style and durability to your concrete floor.

We go over the top tips you need to know to get the best garage floor coating experience ever.

1. Not All Garage Floor Coatings Are Equal 

When most people finish a garage floor, they use an epoxy garage floor coating. Although popular, this isn’t the best option. Here at Garage Force, we use our own polyurea, which has many factors that make it the top garage floor coating to use. 

When you choose our polyurea, you’ll experience much faster drying times than epoxy. Polyurea dries in one day compared to epoxy’s three or four. The quick-drying time also means there is less of a chance for bubbles or imperfections to form.

Polyurea also retains its color better than epoxy. It won’t turn yellow or dull over time.

2. Preparation Is Key 

Before a garage floor coating is installed, the floor needs to go through a preparation process.

The first step in proper preparation is to remove the very top layer of concrete in order to expose the pores.  This will also reveal any existing holes or damage in the concrete,which should then be repaired.

Finally, the floor needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dust and contamination.  This ensures that there will be nothing impeding the coating from adhering and bonding to the concrete underneath.

Once the floor is clean and prepped, the polyurea is mixed and applied.

3. Leave It to the Professionals 

While you may find instructions on installing your garage floor coating yourself, it’s not a good idea. Although it may look easy, adding a garage floor coating is a complicated undertaking.

A professional will know exactly how to prep your garage floor so you get superior results. If you don’t get the preparation right, your DIY floor won’t last long or look like you intended it to.

Knowledge isn’t the only thing that a professional brings to the table. They come with special tools for this job that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

With Garage Floor Coatings Your Garage Floors Will Better Than New

Investing in garage floor coatings protects the concrete in your garage. Besides looking great, it protects your floor from cracking, breaking, and pitting.

Are you ready to transform your basic garage floor with a polyurea garage floor coating? If so, the professionals at Garage Force have the skills to get the job done right.

Contact us today so we can help you get the process started!