With over 60 percent of houses in the US having patios, the outdoor space is quickly becoming a crucial design element of every home. 

Whether you’re looking at building a patio from scratch or giving yours a revamp, one of the most important things to consider is the patio coating. Concrete coatings for patios are becoming more popular as more people are realizing how great they are!

Keep reading for 5 benefits of coating your patio with concrete.

1. Concrete is Relatively Eco-Friendly

When the alternative is an epoxy resin coating, concrete with a polyurea coating is much better for the environment. The materials used in concrete are less hazardous to the environment and will biodegrade over time.

Another eco-friendly benefit of the polyurea coating is that it lasts more than a decade longer than an epoxy resin coating, so you’ll have to replace the materials less. Comparatively, epoxy resin hardens to a type of plastic that does not biodegrade over time, so the material has a much longer impact on the environment.

2. Concrete Coatings are Slip-Resistant

A benefit of a concrete coating is that it’s anti-slip. You won’t need to watch your step when you’re running late and rushing out the house or worry about your kids slipping and hurting themselves when they’re running around.

Depending on what finish you choose, concrete can even be anti-slip when it’s slick with water! 

3. Concrete is Easily Repaired

Concrete is much stronger than epoxy resin so it’s less likely to get damaged. And even if it does get damaged, that damage is easily reparable! 

The first type of damage you might notice is called concrete spalling. This happens when there is corrosion from the materials supporting the concrete which creates holes.

Another type of damage is called pitting, which is when small chips appear in the concrete. Pitting happens when the concrete is very old or was not mixed properly.

If concrete does get damaged you can plug the holes with more concrete, and add another thin concrete coating to seal it. 

4. Versatility and Design Freedom

A concrete coating looks classy and simple so it can work with many types of architecture. You won’t have to worry about redoing your patio if you renovate your house because chances are it’ll still work well with the new design. 

And don’t think just because it’s concrete that it has to be gray! You can choose from a range of different colors to suit your patio needs. 

Another benefit of polyurea concrete coatings over epoxy resin coatings is that epoxy resin loses its color when exposed to light. Choosing polyurea means your patio will remain whatever color you choose for a very long time.

5. Cost of Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly cheap material when compared to other popular patio building materials. If you’re doing a patio renovation on a budget, concrete coatings are your best bet rather than replacing that concrete slab with pavers, bricks, or stone.

Benefits of Concrete Coatings for Patios

These are just a few of the reasons to look into concrete coatings for patios! Revamp your patio with a stylish, cheap, and long-lasting concrete coating. 

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