A good car garage can be a key element to any home, whether you use the room for parking, recreation space, or storage. But all too often it becomes easy to let the extra space become a cluttered nightmare without clarity and good storage strategies in place.

Save time (and a headache) by eliminating stress with these five DIY tips to make the most of your garage space.

1. Keep Insects Out

Do you still use cardboard boxes as storage containers? If you do, you may also deal with more pests and insects than you would otherwise.

Sure they’re inexpensive, but creatures like cockroaches use cardboard boxes for shelter and nutrition. An easy way to avoid this is by switching to plastic or metal containers for your storage needs.

2. DIY Tips for Easy Access Color Coding

Retrieving items as needed from garage storage can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when looking for something used once a year. Save time by color-coding your storage containers! This can be done by using one storage container that is completely one color or by marking containers with color paint or duct tape.

There’s no need to spend hours going through boxes and boxes to find the Christmas lights this year. This is great for differentiating storage containers like holiday decorations from craft supplies and seasonal clothing to sports memorabilia.

3. Hook It Up

Wall hooks are your friends. Hang up items like extension cords and wires to avoid the tangled mess when you need them. Regularly used items like tools cleaning supplies hung on walls are easily accessible and reduce constant clutter.

4. Free up the Floor Space

It may be common knowledge that shelving is critical for having a usable garage, but what types of shelving units are the best for your needs?

To keep your garage as functionally multipurpose as can be, install hanging shelves suspended from the ceiling! With hanging shelves instead of ground installations, floor space can still be utilized for whatever you need it to be, whether for parking, a workbench, or an at-home office area.

You can buy and install overhead racks like these on your own or save money with this YouTube tutorial where one man built DIY hanging shelves in his garage for less than $75!

5. Keep It Light 

A dark space will keep your garage looking untidy even with all of the best storage systems in place. Consider the room’s purpose, and then go from there.

More than changing old light bulbs (but adding LED lighting is great, too!), it’s worth DIY repainting walls or using wallpaper in crisp, clean colors even if you’re going to put shelves in front of them.

Additionally, it may be worth the investment to have concrete floors redone with a light, fresh coating to make the space feel livable if you plan on using the garage as an extension of your home. This will also make your garage feel more spacious.

Small Changes, Big Improvements 

You can use any one or more of these five DIY tips to help you improve your garage space, it’ll make a big difference. By keeping it light, organized, uncluttered, and insect free, you might find that this extension of your home is quite possibly your favorite.

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